Welcome to Shrinath Trading Company......

Shrinath Trading Company is a comprise of a new generation entrepreneurs, who have traded for many years as Tool & Machinery Sales. Special alloy-steel− Made with proprietary high alloy content steel for a stronger, more durable tool.

In more recent times we have widened our range to include more electronic testing equipment not only for the engineering trade but for other trades as well. This we have done by sourcing high quality equipment from around the world at the lowest possible prices.

Shrinath Trading Company (STC) has its registered office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat having pan India operations. Our core business includes Premium Hand Tools & Chemicals (Silver Compounds).

We are the authorized resellers of SNAP ON Tools, USA and have supplied to various industries such as Automobile, Aviation & Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Cement Industries, Power Plants.

Company Profile

Company Profile